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Haunted Gray Hotel

2 W High, Redkey, IN , 47373
765-578-0730     |
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SPPI Tours you on a take a journey through the Haunted Gray Hotel. Bring your ghost hunting equipment and dress for the weather! The Gray Hotel is host to several entities. You receive a ghost hunt in the hotel, a historic walk through Redkey, and a ghost hunt in the Pioneer Cemetery.


The Gray Hotel, located in the heart of Redkey, catered to the railroad. It had a hotel, fine restaurant, grocery, shoe shop, and barber shop, all under one roof. Built in 1912, it has withstood the mark of a hundred years.

Paranormal Claims

There are several entities in the Gray Hotel. Bethany, a 7yr old girl entity, is our pride and joy. She enjoys new toys. We have a host of female ghosts that worked in the hotel. One of the prostitutes, Pony Tail Turner, hates men and will try to knock them down the stairs. She has been known to hit and on one occasion scratch. There are a couple male ghosts as well. Jim was either a bar tender or drunk and is very active. In the High Spirits Cafe you may be touched, see doors open, watch styrofoam cups fly across the room or hear voices. You may physically see mist or shadows. There are quite a few pictures that have activity or apparitions in them. EVP's may also be obtained from this location. It is never a dull moment at the Gray Hotel!



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