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Willard Carpenter House (WNIN) Channel 9 TV/88.3 FM

405 Carpenter Street, Evansville, IN , 47710
812-423-2973     |
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Construction on the Willard Carpenter mansion began in 1848 and was completed in 1849 The home is one of the finest examples of pure Georgina architecture in this area.


WNIN channel 9 TV/88.3 FM is the former home of Willard Carpenter a philanthropist who was responsible for building and funding the continued operation of Willard Library.

Paranormal Claims

The Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators along with MESA has been doing investigations at WNIN for the past 10 years and previous investigations have yielded a variety of experiences. These included apparitions, sensed presences, erratic functioning of equipment, cold spots, food cooking, footsteps, doors slamming, disembodied voices, and object movement. And now is open for paranormal groups to come in and investigate.



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